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​​Native American flutes handmade in the USA by Charles Littleleaf

​​​​​​​​​Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation Central Oregon, USA

​​​​​​​​Littleleaf ​Native American Flutes

​​The amount of time to complete a commissioned flute can vary significantly, from 1 week to 1.5 years, depending on what type of artistry will be involved. If deciding on a flute for an upcoming holiday as a gift for a family member or friend, please inquire well in advance to allow me ample time to complete your project.  The holiday seasons are my busiest times and especially during the Christmas holiday, so please consider ordering as early as you can to assure that I meet your expected delivery date.

When considering a flute purchase online, I realize that you are not able to test these instruments out before buying. So because of this, I make it a very easy process to exchange your flute for another that will be more suitable for you, in the event you find your instrument is not compatible once you receive it. I am always readily available to assist you in your needs.

 Native American Flutes

"Thought I should inform you that yesterday was a day of much celebration & "thanksgiving." For, yesterday, I received your flute.

I opened the package with great excitement and enthusiasm. And the sight of this beautiful instrument almost took my breath away. It is an instrument of absolutely stunning beauty, crafted with a very high degree of skill, affection & care. The tone is very crisp & clean.

Moreover, it was packaged very professionally, with a touch of class. Thanks also for Charles' lovely CD (Ancient Reflections), which, indeed, has some of the best flute music I have heard. My heartfelt thanks to you.

Rajendra Teredesai
Award Winning Recording Artist/Performer, India
Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence

Dear friends,

Thank you for your visit and for your interest in my work.

With every passing year, I find the desires for my Native American flutes increasing to where, today, it is not too often that I will have flutes readily available. 85% of my instruments are now obtained through commission although, on occasion, I may have a few flutes completed that have yet to be advertised.  If you need a Native American flute in short order, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to inform you on what I might have currently available.

Since the beginning of my flute making career, I have embraced this art to where I find great enjoyment in commissioned pieces. This type of artistry is what brings me the most pleasure mentally and spiritually; being able to work with each of my customers from beginning to end on their project. This is where my best work is done. My construction takes place 
in a non-competitive atmosphere, far removed from this otherwise competitive field; in solitude and with a clear and thoughtful focus.

To be able to work one on one with my customers, no matter how simple or elaborate their project may be, is what I enjoy most. I work quietly and always in prayer. So please know that I am here to be of service to you should you be interested in acquiring a vision flute for yourself. Personalizations are my specialty as well as highest quality concert tuning.

The Native American flutes I create are 6-hole instruments in the traditional Plains Indian style. Each are tuned to 440Hz unless specialized tuning is requested. Flutes are available in four ranges and in a variety of keys, all which are mentioned below. I am also experienced in 'Grandfather tuning' for those who are interested in this specific style. I do not craft contemporary woodlands style flutes.​

Common Native American flutes are tuned to the standard minor scale, unless specialized tuning is needed.  My work is based on the Plains Indian style which I have found over the years to be most beautiful in tones. This style delivers an incredibly warm spirit - an absolute requirement for my own music. I do not craft contemporary woodlands style flutes.

Available Ranges and Keys:

High Range: A - G  - G# - F - F# - E - D - D# - C - C# - B
Mid Range: A - A# (Bb) - G - G# - F - F# - E
​Low Range: C - C# - D - D# - E
Ultra Low Bass:C

Flute pricing depends on many factors such as wood type, key and range, and the implementation of art media applications if requested. I offer a variety of softwoods (such as cedars, juniper, poplar, redwood, etc) and also many varieties in hardwoods (maple, cherry, walnut, myrtle wood and others).  In addition, I carry several exotic woods from other countries which are priced according to their origin and availability. Figured woods and burls are priced separately.

​Length of  flutes will vary from 10 inches to over 30 inches long, based on their range/key.


Pentatonic (minor) Scale
Diatonic (Major) Scale
Standard 440hz (special tuning by request)
Grandfather Tuning

Other instruments available by commission: 

Special Closed-End Flutes
​Dual Chambered Drones
Branch Flutes

7-Hole Flutes
Spirit Flutes

Customized flute stands are also my expertise. 

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The flute you purchase is fully guaranteed, and for the life of the instrument while in your possession.  Should you have any problems with your instrument such as breakage, or find it in need of a new exterior finish after years of use, please let me know and I will take care of the issue at no extra cost to you. My customers' utmost satisfaction is extremely important to my work. I am here to assist 24/7.

If  you would like more information on how to acquire a custom Native American flute from me, please feel free to inquire here and I will reply within 24 hours.

Thank you again for your interest in my art.